A Guide to AI + Live Video for Healthcare

Learn how machines are going where humans can’t, with AI and live video for healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been continuously improving the healthcare industry for years. And now, with the convergence of two powerful technologies – AI and live video – a whole new wave of innovation has emerged.

AI-powered live video is helping healthcare providers to analyze mountains of data to diagnose faster and more accurately than ever imagined, deliver an outstanding patient experience, and free up health professionals to do what they do best: provide quality care.

In this guide, you will:

  • Learn how innovators in the healthcare space are combining AI and live video techniques such as chatbots, machine learning and telehealth to deliver faster, more accurate and convenient care
  • Get a glimpse of the future opportunity of AI and live video for healthcare innovators backed by industry data
  • Discover the possibilities of how AI and live video can work together and the potential impact on your business, product and the healthcare professionals and patients who use it
  • Understand how AI and live video can impact the day in the life of a healthcare professional and patient
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