A Guide to AI and Live Video for Customer Service

Discover how the combination of AI and live video is building better customer relationships

Companies are realizing the huge potential of AI paired with live video in not only delivering the experiences consumers want, but also anticipating their needs before they’ve made it known – ultimately delivering the kind of personalized and effective service consumers demand.

Discover how the combination of AI and live video is helping to build incredible relationships between businesses and their customers.

In this guide, you will:

  • How innovators in the customer service space are using AI and live video to dive deeper into their customers needs by studying facial expressions, voice recognition and body language to provide superior customer experiences
  • The huge opportunity of AI and live video for customer service innovators backed by data
  • Discover how AI and live video can work together and the possibilities for your organization, product or service, and the support agents and customers who use it
  • See how one business is already using the combination of live video and AI to have a big impact on customer conversations
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